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Bosch Vivalytic

Universal, easy to use and fast

Vivalytic unites a wide variety of molecular diagnosis tests in just one system – fully automated, intuitive and reliable.

The advantages at a glance

Flexible application

The Vivalytic Analyser can perform both singleplex and multiplex tests. A wide variety of sample material can be tested without preparation.

Universal detection system

With the Vivalytic Analyser, µArrays, qualitative or quantitative PCRs, and melting curve analyses can be read out in just one system.

Standardized and reproducible

Vivalytic uses quantitative and qualitative PCR processes with three stable isothermal temperature zones, in which the microfluidic processing achieves fast heating and cooling cycles. This ensures a high test quality and reproducibility.

Easy integration

The Vivalytic Analyser is equipped with standard interfaces to enable easy integration into existing hospital, laboratory or practice IT systems.

Networked system

New, innovative services in the cloud guarantee system availability at all times. Automation proactively prevents possible defects and significantly minimizes downtimes.

Vivalytic STI Test

The innovative PCR test for sexually transmitted infections.

The Vivalytic STI test detects sexually transmitted pathogens fast and reliably, thus providing the basis for an immediate treatment.

The advantages at a glance

Comprehensive results

The Vivalytic STI test examines ten different pathogens. It detects co-infections clearly and reliably.

High usability

The minimalistic design, easy handling and comprehensive depiction of the results ensure a high level of usability.

Easy handling

Like all Vivalytic tests, the Vivalytic STI test is fully automated. This allows for fewer work steps, saving valuable time.

1 What is Vivalytic?
Vivalytic is a universal platform for molecular diagnostics, which enables various laboratory tests to be performed swiftly and in a fully automated manner. The platform unites a wide spectrum of tests with a varying number of clinically relevant parameters on one device.
2 What test procedures can be carried out?
All common PCR procedures (detection methods) can be carried out: end-point PCR, quantitative real-time PCR, melting curve analysis, and microarray technology.
3 Who takes care of the maintenance of the Vivalytic devices?
Bosch has designed Vivalytic to need as less maintenance as possible. Software updates will be provided with a cloud-based solution and be easily downloaded online.